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The NALC Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccine Administration Network

The NALC Health Benefit Plan offers FREE influenza pneumococcal, and seasonal flu (including H1N1 strain) vaccines to NALC Health Benefit Plan members and their eligible dependents at local participating network pharmacies when the NALC Health Benefit Plan is the primary payer for medical expenses. The NALC Health Benefit Plan has partnered with more than 68,000 local NALC Preferred and NALC CareSelect pharmacies (including more than 9,900 CVS Pharmacies and Longs Drugs stores) to provide the following vaccines at no cost:

  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine (H1N1 strain is incorporated)
  • Intranasal Seasonal Flu Vaccine (FluMist®)*
  • Injectable Seasonal Flu High Dose (Fluzone® High Dose) Vaccine
  • Adult Pneumococcal Vaccine
  • Pediatric (13-Valent) Pneumococcal Vaccine

To locate a pharmacy that participates in the NALC Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccine Administration Network, enter a five-digit zip code, then select 'Search'. The participating pharmacies with in the approximate distance selected will display.

Enter your ZIP Code: Distance in miles from zip code:

Since state regulations and the policies of NALC Preferred and NALC CareSelect pharmacies vary, members should contact the pharmacy directly to see if their state requires a prescription to administer either adult or pediatric vaccines, and for the days and times the vaccine can be administered. If a prescription is required, ask the pharmacy if the physician's office may call a prescription in on your behalf, or if the pharmacy will contact your physician for you.

Present your NALC Health Benefit Plan identification card at the pharmacy before your vaccine is administered. The pharmacist will submit an on-line claim, verifying your status as an active Plan member, eligible for 100% coverage for both the vaccine, and the administration of the vaccine. Your pharmacist should call the CVS Caremark Pharmacist Help Desk if assistance is needed.

When Medicare Part B is Primary:

Medicare Part B preventive benefits include 100% coverage for flu and pneumococcal vaccines. When Medicare Part B is the primary payer, you should continue to have your health care professional administer these vaccines.

When Another Health Insurance Coverage is Primary:

If another insurance coverage is primary, you should have your vaccines administered by a preferred health care professional in the primary carrier's network. If a balance remains after deducting the primary health carrier's payment, your provider should file a claim with the NALC Health Benefit Plan, including a copy of the primary carrier's voucher of payment.